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Choices For Seniors Unable To Live At Home Anymore

Seniors living alone at some point may need more that the support of the family, friends and local programs. They may require full-time help which could affect their stay in their prevailing home and they have to move to a residential facility that can provide many if not all of the long-term care services they needed.

What are the Choices for seniors who cannot live at home anymore, ask the help of senior living experts in Chicago?

The choices are many and these facility-based have long-term care services included, these are:

  • Board-care homes – these are residential-care facilities or commonly called group homes where each senior will have his or her private facility with 20 or lesser residents. There are options where the room can be private or it can be shared. The residents will have personal care and meals with staff that is available 24/7 but they lack nursing and medical care.
  • Assisted living facilities –ideal for people who need help in doing daily care. Residents are as many as 24 to 120 with minimal level of care. They share their own rooms or apartments with common access to services three meals a day, assistance in personal care, help with medications and also housekeeping and even in their laundry. With 24-hour supervision, security and on-site staff. With social and recreational activities too.
  • Nursing homes – provide a wide range of personal care and health care service. Mostly focused on the medical care aspect that in the assisted living facilities. Services involved 24-hour supervision, three meals a day, assistance for everyday activities and nursing care. They also perform rehabilitation physical and occupational type and speech therapy.
  • Continuing care and retirement community. – offers varying level of service per location but mostly they have healthcare services and recreational programs too…

Final Thought
Based on the descriptions of the choices available for seniors, a family member can already gauge where their love one will fit in the categories above. Remember, you want you love one to have the best for him or her.